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History, Hierarchy, Housing & Health Equity: The Throughline from Root to Realization
Friday, April 29, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MST
Category: Committee Event

About This Event:

When: April 29th, 2022 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MT
Where: Online
Cost: Free to All


History, Hierarchy, Housing and Health Equity: The Throughline from Root to Realization:

It hasn’t been long since the discipline of Public Health began to consider environment conditions and social determinants of health in addition to individual choices and behavior. As more frameworks and strategies for health equity emerge including naming differences between zip codes, they often lack historical context as to the why. Why is it that populations in the same U.S. city or town have stark differences in experience and years of life based on where they live? How did we get here?

We are currently in this moment where discussions and solutions around root causes of power imbalance such as racism and other forms of oppression, are emerging in reaction to the compilation of a pandemic, racial unrest, and political divide. However, still lacking is adequate education and truth that allows us to connect the dots between the history of root causes and the realities we face today.

Clear answers, succinct next steps, and the most elaborate tool kits we keep scrambling to find and create will not be effective using inaccurate information. Achieving racial and health equity as a process and outcome will require so much more from us as individuals and institutions. Racialized health disparities have been a long-time Public Health challenge and have only widened as this country has advanced in medicine and technology. Why?

The path forward continues to be deeply layered, multi-complex and comes with discomfort. If optimal health is supposed to be a human right for ALL, it will demand honesty, humility, and humanity from us. It will take broad cross-sector collaboration across all levels while collectively centering those most impacted by our policies, practices, and the perpetuation of exclusion embedded in our cultural norms. This webinar may bring up more curiosity than a “cure” and you are invited to lean into it!

Resources around the topic:

• Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap on NETFLIX (YouTube) https://youtu.be/Mqrhn8khGLM

• The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein

• The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide by Meizhu Lui, Barbara Robles, et al.

• The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequalityby Thomas Shapiro

• Toxic Inequality: How America's Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future by Thomas Shapiro


Jannah Bierens is a Black biracial North Carolina native who uses feminine and gender non-conforming pronouns. As Founder and Principal of PHREEEDOM LLC, she consults and facilitates dialogue around root causes of oppression, intersectionality, and power imbalance for narrative shifting and systems change toward advancing racial and health equity. Jannah dreamed up PHREEEDOM (Public Health Racial Equity thru Exploration & Engagement to Dismantle Oppression for Movement) as her frustrations of “doing health equity” within institutions were continuously fueled by lack of historical analysis, intention, and specific expertise and leadership necessary for the advancement of anti-racist/oppressive practices.

With an undergraduate foundation in the study of Exercise Science, Mx. Bierens holds an M.P.H with graduate certificates in Health Management & Policy and Health Education & Promotion, in addition to their M.A. in Social Justice & Community Organizing. However, it is lived experience and upbringing by lessons filtered through generations of Black superwomen, which have prepared them most for working with people and organizations collectively to get PHREEE.