Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program

2017 Public Health Mentor Program

Applications are closed at this time for the 2017 program

The Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program (CPHMP) is a collaboration among Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA), Colorado Environmental Health Association (CEHA), and Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado (PHNAC).  In addition, the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) is acting as a strategic thinking partner and offering support to assist with the program in 2017.  Because CPHMP is financially supported by our professional associations, all participants MUST be a member of at least one of the following supporting organizations:

CPHMP intends to cultivate a strong future for public health in Colorado by facilitating the mentoring process among public health professionals. Mentoring is a developmental relationship in which one person nurtures the professional development of another. This relationship can build pathways to career opportunities, improve recruitment and retention, enrich leadership, increase adaptability in the midst of challenges, heighten professional satisfaction and decrease stress and role conflict. Former CPHMP mentors and mentees alike have found the mentoring relationship valuable and informative.

CPHMP is seeking:

  • MENTORS with professional experience in public health, enthusiasm, the ability to assist in goal development and a commitment to enhance the public health workforce in Colorado.
  • MENTEES who are interested in learning more about public health, are new to public health or who would like support and guidance in their public health career. Mentees should feel comfortable setting goals and guiding their own learning experience.  *PLEASE NOTE: This program is not intended solely for job seeking purposes.

For more information and the program schedule, click here.

CPHMP Lead Coordinator:

Kim Boyd, RN, NP, ND