Public Health Policy Committee

CPHA's Public Health Policy Committee is chaired by elected Public Health Policy Board Director, who initiates the policy and legislative activities of the Association.  The Public Health Policy Director serves for a  two-year term commencing at the close of the Annual Association Business Meeting following the election.

Assisted by CPHA's legislative contractor, the Public Policy Director and the Committee:

  • Identify public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues of importance to the Board of Directors, the Committees, and the Membership;
  • Develop an annual legislative agenda;
  • Advise the Board on legislative, regulatory, and policy matters;
  • Establish and enact policies for determining CPHA levels of support and action protocols for public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues;
  • Identify and promote opportunities for collaboration with other public health partners on projects such as advocacy training, development of public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues;
  • Encourage information dissemination concerning legislation, regulations, and policies of importance in local, state and national levels through the newsletter and/or other media to the membership.

CPHA's current policy priorities are:

  • Support for Healthy Eating and Active Living, including Safe Routes to School Program Funding
  • Improving Access to Comprehensive Healthcare
  • Increasing Access to Mental Health Services and Integrated Care
  • Elimination of Health Disparities

If you would like to get involved with the CPHA Policy Committee, please email [email protected].