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CPHA's vision is to create the healthiest Colorado for everyone.

CPHA's mission is to educate, develop and galvanize the Colorado public health community.

We seek to attain our vision and accomplish our mission through three core areas of work:

Professional education: Providing a welcoming forum to advance public health education, knowledge and expertise through a variety channels, including the annual Public Health in the Rockies state conference and support of other conferences, seminars and workshops.

Policy and advocacy: Providing opportunities for CPHA members to be informed and active public health advocates through the CPHA Public Health Policy Committee, our legislative trainings and briefings, and professional advocacy efforts, as well as plans for strengthening legislative work in key districts and increasing CPHA's state and national profile.

Professional development:  Expanding and strengthening the public health network in Colorado through support of networking actives, including CPHA Connects (educational and social events), CPHA Outside (recreational events), the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program, and other formal and informal learning opportunities.

2019 - 2020 Strategic Plan
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