Learn more about what the Emerging Leaders Committees offers for students and young professionals! 

Students (undergraduate and graduate) and early career professionals have been provided with leadership opportunities to ensure that their voices are integrated into all aspects of CPHA. First and foremost, we invite you to join our email list to stay in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities.


 We have done this through a number of activities offered through the Emerging Leader Committee, including:



The ELC DELEGATE POSITION highlights and allows new or transitioning public health professionals to take on new challenges and build their skills within CPHA. Delegates engage in CPHA's diverse committees, launching innovative initiatives, and contributing on ELC projects and programming. The Delegates' purpose is to take a multi-faceted, intentional approach in advancing the professional, academic, and personal development of early career professionals and students. These select individuals ensure that the voice of tomorrow's public health leaders is integrated into all aspects of CPHA. 


CPHA Connects


EPH is an intensive leadership program designed for students of color ages 18-25 who are interested in pursuing a degree program and/or career in public health. 


Explore Public Health

CPHA OUTSIDE           

CPHA Outside events get members out exploring and enjoying Colorado's many opportunities for outdoor recreation



Our program cultivates a strong future for public health in Colorado by facilitating the mentoring process among public health professionals. 




We are excited to offer continuous resume review year round for Emerging Leaders. Be sure to join our email list and select an interest in resume review. You can also directly send your resume to any of our ELC leadership



Grow your leadership skillset by volunteering with the Emerging Leaders Committee. We present opportunities for volunteering as a part of the Core Cohort, or by donating time at professional development and volunteer events, National Public Health Week, Public Health in the Rockies, and more!




 Policy briefings, happy hours, National Public Health week activities and celebrations, documentary film screenings with expert panel discussions, and educational speakers, and Posner Center events are just a few things we offer to CPHA Members.


CPHA ConnectsPARTNERSHIP WITH Colorado School of Public Health

We are excited to continue our relationship with the Colorado School of Public Health Program to host various networking, community service, and professional development activities for each day of National Public Health Week. 




The ELC created a scholarship for our Public Health in the Rockies  and Culture of Data annual conferences. Through this scholarship fund, we have been able to double the number of students and young professionals who are able to attend our conference each year.


We are excited about both our student and early career professional Emerging Leaders. CPHA has over 1,000 student members, from undergraduates to doctoral candidates! 

We provide our student members with a variety of professional and social opportunities, as well as unique resources. This is a community of other undergraduate students, graduate students or early career professionals that understand the pressures of higher education and new careers. If you have any additional ideas you would like to discuss with the committee, please reach out to the current leadership