CPHA Board

The CPHA Board is an all-volunteer organization. The Board comprises of CPHA's Officers, Directors and other Members who serve as the governing body of the Association and is supported by other organizations and individuals who provide administrative or lobbying services. The Board transacts the business of the Association at monthly meetings between Annual Association Meetings held at the Public Health in the Rockies conference and through its committees.

The CPHA Board Year runs from September through August.

Terms vary for each position as provided in the Bylaws.

Bylaws descriptions of each Board position

2018-2019 Board


President: Cerise Hunt (2018 - 2019)

Now in second term on board.

Cerise Hunt is the Director for the Center for Public Health Practice and Instructor in Community and Behavioral Health at Colorado School of Public Health. In this role, she is responsible for the formation of community linkages that guide public health practice, provision of continuing education and workforce development opportunities in public health, and engagement in public health practice research. Cerise was instrumental in the formation of the Colorado Black Health Collaborative and the Far Northeast Health Alliance. She is also a founding member of the Healthy Babies Strong Families Healthy Start Community Action Network, which is a multi-sector collective impact initiative committed to the reduction of the African American/Black infant mortality rate and the promotion of positive birth outcomes. Prior to her employment with the Colorado School of Public Health, Cerise was the Health Disparities Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Office of Health Disparities. There, she was charged with developing and implementing state- wide strategies to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. Cerise’s research interest include health equity, social determinants of health, cultural competency, diversity and inclusion, community-campus partnerships, and community outreach and mobilization among diverse populations. 


Past President: Suzuho Shimasaki (2018 - 2019)

Now in seventh term on board.

Suzuho Shimasaki is recognized across Colorado as a public health leader with vast experiences in health equity strategies and programming, transformational organizational and community change, workforce development through peer-to-peer learning, and collaborative community engagement. Outside of CPHA, Suzuho serves as the Evaluation Manager of ECHO Colorado and the Principal of Catalysts for Achieving Racial and Ethnic Equity (CARE Equity). Personally and professionally, Suzuho is invested in building a healthy and just society, creating opportunities for individuals and communities to achieve their desired potential, and living a life of purpose, striving each day to live up to the name Suzuho, which illustrates sails in the cool breeze and finding direction through the use of all that is encompassed in one’s surroundings. Suzuho earned a BA in Sociology from UC Davis, an MPH from UCLA, and a DrPH from the ColoradoSPH. Suzuho’s extracurricular interests include hiking, country line dancing, cycling, gardening, watching Broncos games, and playing taiko.


President Elect: Kim Boyd (2018 - 2019)

Now in third term on board. 

Kim is currently the President of Lolina, Inc., a consultancy with clients in the healthcare, human services and the public health arena. Kim has been involved in healthcare and public health for over 20 years as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. Kim works with clients to provide variety of services including, but not limited to, strategic planning, leadership development, employee engagement, community partnerships, grant management, program development and evaluation, and professional coaching. Kim has a particular passion for health policy and supporting systems that aim to improve that health of our Colorado communities.

Kim volunteers as a peer coach for the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL) and is also active in the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program (sponsored by CPHA, PHNAC, and CEHA). In addition, Kim is the outgoing Chair of Practice Council for the Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado and is the President of the Board of Directors for ClinicNET, the safety net clinic advocacy organization in Colorado. Kim earned a Masters of Science as a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing degree from the University of Colorado in 2004.


Interim Secretary: Terry Downing (2018 - 2019)

Now in first term on board. 


Treasurer: Katie Gelman (2018 - 2019)

Now in second term on board. 

Katie Gelman is the Director of Public and Behavioral Health at OMNI Institute, a nonprofit social science research agency with a mission to strengthen the nonprofit, public and phil- anthropic sectors through evaluation research, capacity building, and technology solutions. Katie has experience across a range of population health evaluation projects, spanning clini- cally focused and community level evaluations. She has significant experience in evaluating behavioral health prevention and treatment projects, as well as across other areas of public health including maternal and child health evaluations, needs assessment and epidemiologi- cal analysis, and supporting local communities in public health improvement planning. Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Skidmore College, a Master of Public Health degree in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University, and a Doctor of Public Health degree in Community and Behavioral Health with a minor concentration in Epidemi- ology from the University of Colorado, Colorado School of Public Health. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid, is a Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist II, and serves on the Colorado Prevention Certification Board. 


Interim Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council (ARGC): Tara Thomas-Gale (2018 - 2019)

Now in first term on board. 



Health Equity: Jason Vitello

Now in third term on board.

Jason Vitello is a Behavioral Health Coordinator at Denver Public Health, a facilitator of the Family Leadership Training Institute in DenverFive Points, a member of the East5ide Unified Leadership Council and an adjunct professor and member of the Advisory Council on Racial Diversity at the University of Denver. He is also a speaker on issues related to social justice, inclusivity, toxic stress, mental health, father engagement and conscious masculinity.

As a social worker and therapist he has provided advocacy, mentorship, case management and clinical services to specialized and general populations. Jason has performed these interventions at the individual, family, community and population levels in multiple settings from small non-profits to county and federal level systems. It should be noted that before he was ever a provider of human services or family assistance - he was a recipient of them. His ultimate interest is in the betterment of the human condition through fierce compassion, difficult conversations, collaboration across struggles, the peaceful obliteration of structural inequalities and comprehensive paradigm transformation. If this doesn't work - he will return to bartending.


Communications: Chris Jones

Now in first term on board.


Membership: Amanda Mancuso

Now in first term on board.


Policy Sr. Director: Amy Winterfield

Now in third term on board.


Policy Jr. Director: Kaitlin Wolff

Now in first term on board.


Student Sr. Director: Daaimah (Dee) LaVigne

Now in second term on board.


PHiR Sr. Director: Masayo Nishiyama 

Now in second term on board.

Masayo has been a public health nurse for over 10 years. She graduated from South Dakota State University with BSN and Emory University with MPH/MSN in Global Health and Inter- national Nursing. Masayo is currently pursuing Doctor of Nursing Practice in Public Health Nurse Leader from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She started out her public health nursing career in Alaska. There, she enjoyed hands-on public health nursing experiences, like immunization, family planning, HIV/STI testing, STI treatment, tuberculosis testing and treatment, disease investigation, community organizing, and home visiting. Masayo moved to Colorado in 2015, currently works as Nurse Manager for HIV and Chronic Disease Prevention Programs at Tri-County Health Department. 


PHiR Jr. Director: Nathifa Miller

Now in first term on board.


CoD Sr. Director: Rickey Tolliver

Now in second term on board.

Rickey Tolliver, MPH serves as the Chief of the Health Surveys and Evaluation Branch at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Rickey has been with the State Health Department for about 18 years providing data analysis and interpretation, coordination of surveillance systems, and innovation leadership. He currently provides oversight of the Evaluation Unit, Survey Research Program, and Health Surveys Unit. Rickey is also leading efforts to modernize Colorado’s population based public health surveillance systems. Rickey earned a BA in History from Metropolitan State University then served 4 years in the United States Air Force. During his service he simultaneously earned a MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Oklahoma. 


CoD Jr. Director: Esmeralda Santillano

Now in first term on board.


At-Large: Jodi L. Javling

Now in first term on board.


Board Officers/Executive Committee

Cerise Hunt
[email protected]

Suzuho Shimasaki
[email protected]

Kimberly Boyd
President Elect
[email protected]

Terry Downing
Interim Secretary 
[email protected]

Katie Gelman
[email protected]

Tara Thomas-Gale
Interim ARGC 
[email protected]

Board Directors

Jason Vitello
Health Equity Director
[email protected]

Chris Jones
Communications Director
[email protected]

Amanda Mancuso
Membership Director
[email protected]

Amy Winterfeld
Policy Sr. Director
[email protected]

Kaitlin Wolff
Policy Jr. Director
[email protected]

Daaimah Lavigne
Student Sr. Director
[email protected]

Masayo Nishiyama
PHiR Sr. Director 
[email protected]

Nathifa Miller
PHiR Jr. Director 
[email protected]

Rickey Tolliver
CoD Sr. Director
[email protected]

Esmeralda Santillano:
CoD Jr. Director 
[email protected]

Jodi L. Jalving
[email protected]

Kimberly Boyd, RN, NP, ND
Lolina, Inc. 

Association Management Support

Civica Management 

Staff Executive: Reese Lee

Government Relations Consultant

Diana Protopapa, Frontline Public Affairs